Workshop: Shooting Men

I’ve long wanted to start hosting workshops with other photographers and so in June I will be holding my first studio-based peer workshop in Tokyo.  The theme for this inaugural event is “Shooting Men”. 

Why men? Well, 90% of the pictures I see in my photography-heavy Instagram feed are of women, and so I feel a need to create something a little different. Secondly, I have had less opportunity as a portrait photographer to photograph men (though, back when I was shooting more concerts, I would 99% of the musicians I photographed were male) and I would like to provide an opportunity for the members of the workshop to focus on the posing and lighting of men as this can be quite different from posing female models.

For this workshop I will be inviting two male models to our studio where we will be shooting with three different set-ups: two with natural light and one with studio light.  As this is a peer workshop, the number is limited to 4 people (including myself), we will be working in pairs with one model on one set-up, before swapping the photographers over, so that everyone has an opportunity to cover each model and set-up.  The final set-up will be with studio lighting and we will all be taking turns to shoot our models.

4 hours may seem brief to some.  I have attended workshops in Tokyo which have spanned entire days and I have generally felt these to be excessively long and exhausting, with much of the time spent hanging around waiting for things to happen.  I envisage each of the first set-ups taking about an hour each.  That’s 30-minutes per pair, per model x 4, so a total of two hours.  The studio lighting portion will require a bit more time to set up so the current plan is for about 60-70 minutes shooting time minimum.

So, that’s 4 photographers, 3 set-ups, 2 models and 1 fantastic afternoon of photography all for the very affordable price of ¥15,000.  The workshop takes place on Sunday, June 2nd 2019 from mid-afternoon.

Payment must be made in advance via bank transfer or in cash.

Get in touch if you wish to join by using the contact form on my About page!

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