Originally from the UK, Laura is a photographer and writer currently based in Japan. 

Laura has spent the last 7 years shooting bands in Tokyo, and has an evolving taste for alternative fashion and contemporary portraiture, bringing her eye for colour and energy from concert photography in to the studio.

Laura is available for concerts, portraits and much more and  loves to collaborate on projects.

Get in touch using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Photo: Veronika Marx

Awards and Publications

Camera Press Award
Camerpixo, June 2019

We Inspire 43
Camerapixo, June 2019

Femme Rebelle (Book 1), April 2019

Bronze Award x 3, The Portrait Masters February 2019

Photo Press Award, Camerapixo, February 2019

We Inspire Vol. 39, Camerpixo, February 2019

Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018, Bronze, Events Category

Femme Rebelle, October 2018

Femme Rebelle (Book 3), August 2018

Fujirock Express 2018, E-Team Editor

We Inspire Vol. 29, (Camerpixo), 2018

Time Out Tokyo, August 2017

Fujirock Express 2017, E-Team Editor

Smashing Mag, Writer and Photographer (Archived 2017)

Fujirock Express 2016, E-Team Editor

The Guardian/ The Observer, 2016

Metropolis Magazine, January 2015

Rokkyuu Magazine, Senior Photo Editor (2011-2014)

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